About Us – Jannis

About us

JANNIS S.A. was founded in 1965, in Thessaloniki Greece.

From our inception until now, we have developed our product range to meet the ever-changing market needs and modern lifestyles.

We offer a wide variety of products, with our flagship the Sesame Bar (Pasteli), the first ever Greek energy snack, followed by the Nut bars with freshly roasted nuts, the Soft Nougats, the Greek delights and Coconut Sticks.

With our clientele growing internationally, we adapted in time to the dynamics of the global market and created three new innovative product categories:

The High Protein Nut bars, the High Fiber Nut bars with honey, and the Sugar Free Sesame bars !

Always loyal to the pursuit of the finest ingredients, without sweeteners and palm oil.

Throughout all these years, the company has evolved by investing in technology and creating state of the art manufacturing facilities.

Yet, Jannis still values the expertise of its personnel and highly invests in it.

The secret of our success remains our constant focus to satisfy our customers.

We employ the best practice quality control measures, throughout the whole process, to ensure that our products are of the highest standards.

With more than half a century of dynamic and steadily growing presence, Jannis is the market leader in Greek energy snacks and our products are enjoyed by customers around the world.

Energy bars, Gluten-free choices or options Suitable for Vegetarians are just a small fragment of our wide product range.

Our goal is to produce consistently natural and healthy snacks that impress at first bite!

Our products are offered in a variety of packaging, and they are ideal for snacking on the go.

They are an excellent choice for retail stores, supermarkets and mini markets, delicatessens, kiosks, hotels, coffee shops, vending machines, pharmacies, schools, airports and much more.